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Soul Fragments
The Age of Knowing Realities is upon us following a shift in the Earth’s consciousness.  What this shift means for us, as individual Souls, is one of awakening as if from a deep sleep.
In other words we can no longer remain ignorant to the truth that we are personally responsible for all that happens to us.  Not the Government, nor the Weather, nor the Economy, nor Religious dogma nor Technology.

Simply put we are the Government, the Weather, the Economy,  Religious dogma and Technology in all its forms.  The moment we  believed they could do it better than us, we sacrificed our independence.   Dependency disempowered us, granting them our mandate to use our precious resources , including all those of the Earth, to serve them at our expense.

As sleeping Souls we live life outwardly, never going too deeply into  anything for fear of what we may find.  Yet to make any real lasting progress in humanities development, deeply we must go.   Only in the depths of the body’s Soul cellular memory are the answers we seek.

To gently awaken a safe passage into the body’s natural defences is  the  key factor behind all the tools I use and the inception of Soul Fragments.

A Soul that is fragmented does not know itself, therefore in its unknowingness repeatedly creates the same physical outcomes.    Fragmentation keeps physical pain and blindness in place. Truth, through an awakened Heart is the only path to real Freedom!!!
Rhondda’s Page
tThe deeper the Age of Enlightenment engulfs us, physical proof will only come through that which is felt, not through any process of the logical mind.
In the practice of attaining Spiritual Mastery, there must be a balance between our inner and outer realities.   Balance can only be achieved through awareness that the other  exists.
The inception of this Website has been a gradual piecing together of the essential root elements of Spiritual  Development.

Once the root elements come together, in their proper order, we can then make sense of where we have been, where we are and where we’re going.

What I present here is the HOW!  It is not some glossy, egoic piece of creative writing in order to dangle carrots!  This is the real truth behind all the development, all the gifts and all the stuff I carried into this life to use to heal and  transform. 
Briefly, my home life as a child was very grounded, but I was not.    I was restless, angry, nervous and found settling within myself difficult.   Masking  techniques and coping   mechanisms came easily to me.

The slow process of awakening began in 1977, at the age of 22.  My Soul continued to sleep for a further 14 years, with only brief glimpses of the threads of light I was unconsciously, yet continuously following.

The knowingness within me knew when the time was perfect to reawaken and ground all of the gifts I had mastered in other times, incarnations and   dimensions.

Astrology became the starting point rapidly followed by Numerology, Psychic Development, Colour Therapy, Aura Reading, The Tarot, Holistic Counselling, Massage, Meditation, Sound  Therapy and Healing by touch.  I had  many amazing teachers, who fuelled my thirst for understanding. 

In order to gather more of the  significant pieces my training ground became Reading  Parties, Psychic Expos, Crystal Shops, Cafe’s & Craft Markets.

Overwhelm came as a result of an imbalance  between my inner and outer realities. 

Realization showed me clearly I did not have all the answers nor could I fully awaken and  embody them on my own.  I was stuck, stagnating and frustrated in every area of my life.

The real Master I required could not materialize  until I surrendered.  Then in he came, in the form of a young Man, in a wheel chair, disabled from birth.  

Through him I slowly remembered the language of the codes to unlock the secrets of those threads of light, which I had been continuously laying down with every step.

The threads of light is the knowingness or the map that makes sense of every step, every experience and every relationship.

The passage back to the crossing point between  balance and imbalance is known only in those threads of light.  Inwardly we remember who we really are and with what resources we use to create our outer reality.  This is the HOW I share with you.

     Know your fragmentation,  Know your light, Walk in Balance