Clairvoyance is a gift of insight or inner sight.  It is a resonance or frequency of truth surrounding an experience, whether that experience is Past,  Present or yet to come into physical being.

As a resonance or frequency of truth, it can be felt as  Clairsentience, or heard as Clairaudience, or seen as Clairvision or seen, felt and heard as Clairvoyance.

Threads of truth are woven through the most seemingly ordinary experiences. These threads serve a specific purpose for they allow us to retrace our steps back to the source of our own creations.

In the forward motion of life experience we often do not have time and or the level of awareness to see and feel ourselves, nor the depth of influence others have upon all we create.

It is in the retelling of an individuals story or a choice about to be made that the threads of truth are seen, felt or heard, simply because we are tuned into their resonance.

The stronger the resonance, the more profound effect the experience is, was or will be for the individual or individuals involved.  This is so simply because there are certain choices lessons and experiences the Soul needs for our individual or collective growth.
The Cards and Runes I use in a Clairvoyant Reading act as a bridge between the Clientís  experiences and The Source that is always there to Guide them.

It has been my experience that many clients only wish to focus on what is to come showing little interest in what has gone before or deem it done and dusted or they believe they have dealt with it.
It is important to remember that the past is always with us for we have
walked that past physically. What changes when we do indeed deal with it
lies in the  wisdom and real confidence with which we now choose.

What I offer is balance simply  because what we are shown is a  picture
of what is possible.  It is up to the Client to walk the path in order to
bring what is shown or felt into being.

I can guide them on that path but they must also remember how delays,
blocks or diversions have hindered them in the past, because they have
been that way before!
The words Healing and Health appear together as if one cannot  exist without the other.

On some physical levels this may be so.  Yet a person may appear healthy when measured by conventional means, but their mental or emotional state maybe out of balance.

This is so because the body develops various coping mechanisms in order to maintain life style.  Over time these coping mechanisms begin to fail as the false armour we built to protect our real fragile state, begins to crumble.

Often we live outward lives at the expense of real, sustainable health.

Real, sustainable health cannot be attained in 5 minutes, simply because the bodyís real needs have been neglected.   We must first rebuild trust in order to function as normally as possible, whilst gently opening safe passages through the bodyís coping or defence mechanisms without it trying to rebuild them in order to feel safe.

By safe passages I mean the body has forgotten itís Cosmic connection to the Universal Light that created it in the first place.  Therefore it must be reminded, gently awoken and brought back into balance with itself.   In the process of awakening the body takes that much needed light into those dark places where pain, suffering, unreleased trauma has dwelt, sleeping in the unconscious.  We do not need to relive it, for the light already knows it, it is us who ignores it, thus enabling it.

The technique I use works with the breath to firstly energise and balance the Nervous and Circulatory systems, then the Adrenals.  These systems are often depleted or sluggish due to stress and shallow breathing.  Once in balance the Chi paths open to the hands and feet.

When Clients feel this light for the first time, it does indeed bring tears, for they are teas of realization and remembrance.

I must be truthful here, like all forms of medication, we must keep taking it in order to feel lasting relief and results.

Many people find maintaining their energy flows in this way hard,  simply because unless we breath properly, life, the mind, jobs, family and all manner of distractions get in the way.

Like all forms of practice that involve personal motivation and responsibility, it requires commitment, not something we do spasmodically.

The deeper and more  continuously we take the breath into the unconscious, the body will reveal all itís secrets, including hidden talents, natural confidence, clarity of thought, gems of wisdom, moments of brilliance and hidden or suppressed inner strength.  We   remember who we are and it naturally shows itself.