Without connection to the Ether within us, we cannot maintain Elemental balance for the knowingness of the purpose behind all we do, say or act upon lies in the very void or space between all manner of opposites.

In the void, or the space of nothingness is where real truth lies.  In order to access that place of real truth we must be willing to awaken a channel, within the body, for the light to access its long held secrets.  All answers are within us, we have simply  forgotten!

Ether is all the other elements coming together in their proper sequence to produce a complete state of oneness.
The Elements
There are 5 Elements: Fire, Earth, Air, Water and Ether.  As in all things balance is the key.  Elemental balance comes through knowing  that which is out of balance.

There are many parts to manifesting and creating life experience.  These 5 Elements form part of the building blocks.  Therefore unless we have a basic understanding of the Elemental influences, much of the realities we manifest into physical form, happen outside of our conscious  awareness.

As building blocks they are in continuous use, therefore they require replenishment, each in specific ways.   Overwhelm, burnout or exhaustion are classic examples of total Elemental depletion.

The body in itís need to maintain balance will use an Element that is in excess to replenish that which is depleted.

Astrology and Numerology use fields of influence as vital clues to show us how we are likely to use particular Elemental influences and where imbalances or depletions are likely to occur.

The following notes on each Element, both individually and collectively, are designed as an introduction.
Ether is all that is, always was and always will be.  It is light coming into form and the essence of creation itself.  Ether knows and has all the ingredients necessary to bring any life form into physical existence.  Simply it is the stuff that makes all that is possible.

In us as physical beings it is a knowingness woven into each and every life experience.
The original source of Fire comes from the Sun.  Therefore it is life and the spark of creation.  Without the rising and setting of the Sun there would be no life on Earth.

Within the body it is our life force or as I choose to call it our Celestial Fire, granted to us by Grace to continuously regenerate and replenish the cells in the Body.

Fire is personal power, courage, initiation, fearlessness, decisive action, leadership, adventurous, aggressive, impulsiveness impatient & uncontrollable.

Too much Fire can lack compassion  seeking to dominate or manipulate the Celestial Fire of others.

Too little Fire manifests in the body as weaknesses, physical,  mental or emotional  disorders.  Personal power is often easily lost, manipulated or dominated by others.
Fire Signs are Aries, Ruled by Mars, Leo, Ruled by The Sun and Sagittarius, Ruled by Jupiter.
Earth is the manifestation of Celestial Fire into physical form.  So intricate and perfect in itís inception and design that only a fraction of itís wonder and beauty is seen in itís completeness.  Yet in order to see the whole of creation we must first know all itís ingredients and the proper order in which each piece comes together.

Science uses a Microscope to prove the existence of  matter.  We on the other hand must develop a keen awareness as a tool for self reflection.
Thereís a paradox here.  Outside the realm of the  physical, time as we know it does not exist.  Yet in order for our divine designs to come into the fullness of being, time is the only measurement.

It is the misuse of the Earth Element that is responsible for much of the divisions and imbalances between the peoples.  This is so when one part of creation is deemed  more valuable than another
Each individual is born into exactly the right physical  environment in order to gather the perfect combination of ingredients.  Yet without proper instruction much of our real   potential remains in the unmanifested, or is misused or is manipulated by others simply because we arenít using it!

Earth Signs are Taurus, Ruled by Venus, Virgo, Ruled by Mercury and Capricorn, Ruled by Saturn.
Air is infinite memory
Air breathes Celestial Fire into physical form, thus guiding its  direction. Without Air Celestial Fire suffocates, withers and dies.

Air is lift and movement.  As it moves it communicates with all it touches.  Through all it moves and touches it gathers, records and remembers every detail of itís journeys through time and space.

Air is Mind, Memory, Space, intellect, Speech, Adaptability, the Nervous System and Lungs in the Body, the Breath, Flight and all formes of movement including Wind.

Too much Air makes us fickle, changeable, directionless, scattered, hyperactive and nervous.  Lots of thinking, with not much practical  application.

Not enough Air manifests in the body as Nervous System or issues with breathing; learning difficulties  including dyslexia, heaviness, mind finds continued focus difficult and may find uneasiness with or resistance to  change.
Air Signs are Gemini, Ruled by Mercury;  Libra, Ruled by Venus; Aquarius, Ruled by Uranus
Water tempers and balances the flow of Celestial Fire throughout the body.  Therefore it absorbs the Elements of Earth and Air in order to deliver vital nutrients to the Bodyís systems and organs.

Water has a knowingness.  As a knowingness water carries the codes for the seeds of creation.   Much like rain falling at certain times during a season triggers plant regeneration, so too does the water in the body trigger the Celestial Fire in the same way.

When Water, in the natural world, becomes blocked, polluted, muddy or stagnant, threads of evidence can be followed relating to it's cause.  Trauma or unresolved emotional stress leave the same threads, thus making it possible to trace any imbalance through the flow of vital fluids within the body.

Waterís knowingness is the pathway to healing, for it soothes, nourishes,  cools and calms the fire simmering beneath our conscious awareness.
Healing is not to extinguish the fire, but to redirect it safely to restore balance.

Too much water bogs down the feelings manifesting as moodiness, depression, over sensitivity, unconscious fear, all forms of addiction, puffiness, bloating, stress on the organs of elimination.

Not enough water hinders the flow of nutrients or life force in the body, often the skin is dry, fluid can be retained in the vital organs as a matter of survival.  Tiredness,   exhaustion and burn out are all manifestations of water imbalances.

Water Signs are Cancer, Ruled by The Moon; Scorpio, Ruled by Pluto; Pisces, Ruled by Neptune