I use Astrological Chart interpretation as a tool for higher guidance.  This higher guidance leads ultimately to a greater understanding of whatís possible in terms of the challenges disguised as opportunities together with potentials for growth and development.

More importantly an Astrological Chart presents itself as one of the greatest tools we can use to evolve beyond the Karmic merry-go-around on a Soul level.

How is this possible?
The example Chart I have included above, contains everything the Client   needs to know with regard to navigating their way through this life,    including lessons carried over from past lives.  How we interpret and ultimately work with the energies present becomes the Study of Astrology.

Whether we like it or not we are sentient beings, and so too are all the planets contained within our Solar System.  As sentient beings we are affected, often in subtle ways, by what occurs on a cosmic level.  Most people are aware of the Moon and its influence on the tides, yet the whole picture is much bigger than we imagine.  As these heavenly  bodies interact in, around and through us then that interaction positively or negatively affects how we present  ourselves in actual life experience.

Astrology is one of those versatile tools that can be delved into deeply or we can use it for the basics only.  This map can assist us navigate our way through areas such as home, family, education, career path, ambitions, material success, challenges, deep desires, energy levels, health, the intellect, travel, relationships, our early development and how we interact between who we are inwardly and how we express ourselves outside in the world.

The potentials are there, yet the choice is ultimately ours  with regard to where we draw our energy from, how we use it and the results that inevitably take on physical form.

                 Our Seed, Our Choice, Our Creation!
The philosophies behind the Study of Numerology as a tool for divination is one of converting letters and numbers to frequency.

Everything in the Universe has a frequency or harmonic therefore our Date  and Full Name at Birth are in  perfect harmony with that Cosmic Dance.

The Cosmic Dance is the interconnectedness with all that is.  Our Soul knows this and so chooses the  perfect  windows,  in time and space, to play our part from one life time to the next.
In Numerology, each number has itís proper place of resonance.  Each  representing an individual step available to us, in a continuous cycle of beginning and ending.

The who, what, when and where of these individual steps, including the  outcomes we continuously create, are revealed in the numbers present and the numbers missing.

By missing numbers I refer to those not individually represented  in  either our date of birth or the letters of our name.  These missing numbers  still present opportunities for growth and development.  Their resonance is not naturally active and is often sleeping until triggered or activated by those  around us.

More importantly missing numbers can reveal areas of hidden strength or abilities that are often suppressed  by stronger more dominant parts of our personality.

At the same time, missing numbers are often exactly that, missing from our creative cycles.  This is often the case when we are rushed or pushed toward reward based completions.  Vital steps, or clues are missed, or deemed insignificant to be of any real importance.  Only in the fine tuning process of life experience are these vital steps revealed.  Without them our foundation will always be unstable.

Awareness is always the key.  These simple, yet practical tools provide us with  an understanding of the foundation through which our life experience builds.   From that foundation, the flavour or potential for each 9 year cycle reveals itself.

As we build our life from the ground up, as shown by the Peaks and Challenges section of the chart above, there remains 3 specific dynamics playing their roles beneath the surface of our foundation. These 3 dynamics form the Cipher Challenges, or the real story, often hidden until we are ready!

Understanding the dynamics makes the outer life easier to step through!