There are  keys and clues to any life experience.  The keys   always have, always were and always will be present, as nothing of real significance is ever truly missing, lost or forgotten.

Yet disconnection from the knowingness behind them is often obscured, veiled or glossed over  by the belief that lots of small hurts do not, over time, become something else. 
The Ancients knew this, and so left maps for us to follow.  These maps take many forms from recorded text to symbols, all steeped in mystery. Yet these maps are easily understood when we remember the keys.

Our Souls remember how all the pieces fit in accordance with our part in the greater map.

The threads of light when in their proper order, link all the maps together. 
iLike any map, it’s purpose is to guide us, by the safest paths  possible, from our point of beginning to our point of ending.  These beginnings and endings can be lifetimes, of following the same or similar paths.

Regardless of how many lifetimes we cross the same bridge, the purpose of the journey is always the same.   Back to oneness and unity with all of Source, God or Creator, whomever we label that unity to be. 

In the end everyone must do this, regardless of how long it takes one group of Soul’s or an individual Soul.  This is the fundamental purpose of the keys, clues and maps.  There is only one journey, but many paths to get there.   All that is shared here is my version!
Rhondda Doherty
Dip. Counselling & Holistic Insight
Phone:      0410  528  817

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